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Vintage Inspired  

The vintage look has made a huge comeback in recent years and more and more women are choosing to wear shapely pencil skirts, wiggle dresses, classic evening gowns and figure hugging high waisted trousers. Team these with gorgeous under garments such as corsets, bullet bras, suspender belts and of course nylons over the more modern lingerie that's on offer today and you've got yourself a classic, timeless look that will turn heads where ever you go.....

 With so many styles to choose from, we should really tell you a little bit more about each of the genres to help you decide what to opt for …..

 Hollywood Glamour

These are classically head and shoulder images and sometimes we capture the upper body too, but we shoot entirely in black and white against plain backgrounds with simple yet very effective lighting to give you the ultimate dreamy look of a starlet of the silver screen. Probably the best reference we can offer is to look up the work of George Hurrell, a photographer contracted to MGM, Warner Bros and Columbia and worked with the likes of Rita Heyworth, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo. These images would look terrific either in a story book styled album or as a series of prints in our classic hatched black and white frames.

Pin Up

Also referred to as Cheesecake, pin up images have much more of a cheeky feel about them. To set the scene, imagine you were standing at a bus stop when a gust of wind catches your skirt blowing it to waist height and revealing your stocking tops or even more… whatever would a passer by think and how would you react? With a saucy little smile and maybe a playful wink we hope….. These images look great as vintage posters or even in your own personalised Vintage Magazine. Of course the more modern photo books and wall art are also available to you.

Vintage Boudoir

Wearing feminine lace robes, girdles, bustiers & nylons, hair with a curl, red lipstick & a puff of powder & with the lights down low, we send you back in time to savour the delights of vintage boudoir. To view our superb range of boudoir packages, please click here.