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Your Family Foto Experience

Family portraits are an important part of our history. They tell us where we’ve come from, where we’re going and how we’ve come to be the way we are. Family photos capture passions, interests, loves and relationships. How many of us have a treasured photo of us as a small child with our mum or dad or a much-loved and sadly-missed grandparent? 

Those of us who are a certain age will no doubt have a collection of albums stored away, but the younger generations that have been brought up in a more digital and media crazed world keep their memories on their mobile devices or on line. Here at Foto Smith Studio whilst we endorse many aspects of our modern world, we really believe that for a photograph to come to life it should be printed & displayed.

 We can create those family portraits that will be handed down to your children and to your children’s children to be proudly displayed on walls, mantelpieces and bedside cabinets for generations to come.......

So whether the children are just starting school or leaving home and heading off to University, why not take advantage of our fantastic £49.99 session offer and book yourself a family portrait sitting? We don't mind how many you have in your party as we can accommodate a good crowd and we even offer private changing facilities should you want to freshen up and get ready when you arrive. We also have a resident make up artist/stylist available to assist with those last minute adjustments, just let us know if her services (fee payable) are required.

Refreshments are always on offer, so why not take the opportunity to view all the options of how you might want your final images presented, whether that be mounted prints, in frames, albums or on canvas while enjoying a cup of coffee with us.

We like all our shoots to be as much fun as possible so to bring out the best in you, because a natural smile is the best smile, so bring the children's favourite teddy bear, doll or bike, no matter how tatty it might be and let's get snapping! We don't want the teenagers to feel left out either, so encourage them to bring their music storage devices along so they can listen to their favourite tunes throughout their stay, and even play it through the studios network during your stay with us.

It's also worth remembering that should you be planning a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, special birthday milestone, special occasion and holding a party to celebrate, we are more than happy to travel to your chosen venue and capture those treasured memories for you.